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a little bit about us...

What do you get if you take a Mexican and an orange? Well, if the Mexican happens to be selling glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice and your name happens to be David Long, you might well end up with the first freshly squeezed juice company in the United Kingdom.

Orchard House was born when its founder, David Long passed a Mexican street vendor selling freshly squeezed orange juice as he was jogging through the streets of California. He stopped jogging to quench his thirst and was so impressed with the taste and simplicity of the product he decided to test the market.

David joined forces with the Mexican vendor, made some bottles of freshly squeezed orange juice and set about contacting potential buyers. The initial response was overwhelming and they soon established a solid customer base with outlets including the Hyatt Hotel chain and the Playboy Club !

Kiwi Fruit

In 1984, David and his wife, Pamela decided to leave America and return to the UK, intending to start a family. However David had no intention of leaving freshly squeezed juice behind !

Back in the UK, David was convinced that freshly squeezed juice would be as popular here as it is in the US. He set about convincing manufacturers of juice squeezing equipment that we really were serious about installing it in the UK.


Twenty years on, Orchard House has grown into a multimillion pound organisation, supplying a wide range of delicious, fresh products. And we no longer just squeeze oranges but a wide variety of fresh fruits from around the world too. And we haven't stopped there, we also created the prepared fruit salad market, using our expertise to prepare the finest fruits for your convenience and enjoyment.

Wellness Foods Group

orchard house joins the wellness foods family

In 2005 Orchard House Foods became part of the Wellness Foods Group, the group includes Rowse Honey, Grove Fresh, Dorset Cereals, Paradise Foods, and Stream Foods.

For more information on the Wellness Foods Group drop us a line at: learnmore@wellnessfoods.co.uk. Contact Wellness on tel: +44 (0)1344 887 603.

The benefits of fruit juices
Fruit juices are packed with vitamins and minerals, help maintain a healthy weight, and provide an excellent source of fibre & antioxidants.
Kick-start your '5 a day'
A medium glass of fruit juice in the morning is a good way to start your day: it counts as one of your recommended '5-a-day'