Freshly-Squeezed Drinks and Smoothies

Freshly-Squeezed Drinks and Smoothies

Orchard House Foods is famous for the taste and aroma of its freshly-squeezed orange juice.

For over 30 years we have been perfecting the art of sourcing, squeezing and blending oranges to guarantee the freshest, tastiest juices each day. Oranges are grown and harvested throughout the year, however, dependent on their source and variety, the characteristics can vary widely. We have developed the expertise to blend these oranges to give the perfect balance of flavour to pack a true freshly-squeezed punch for you each day.

The freshest fruit yields the freshest juice and our philosophy is as simple as that! As with all our fruit, our citrus is sourced from orchards farmed to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Thirsty consumers can enjoy our wonderful drinks from discerning retailers and restaurants. We offer a range of formats and sizes to suit each need. Orchard House Foods a delicious way to a healthy day.

Freshly-Squeezed Lemon and other Citrus Fruits

Building on our expertise with oranges, we have developed a family of seasonal freshly-squeezed juices, bringing a variety of delicious-tasting freshness to each day. Orchard House Food’s freshly-squeezed lemon juice has real depth of flavour. In addition to oranges and lemons, we also squeeze fresh limes and in the winter we even squeeze clementines.

Fruit Smoothies

Deliciously rich and fruity, our smoothies are a wonderfully healthy treat. We are constantly adapting our range to introduce new flavour combinations and you can now enjoy a range of vegetable smoothies too.

The team of developers and nutritionists work on ensuring our drinks are rich, both in flavour and in nutrition, with many delivering 2 of your 5 a day. We even have a range of superfruit drinks with powerful health fruits like acai berry.

Dairy Smoothies

To complement our deliciously rich and fruity smoothies we have a range of dairy smoothies. Our dairy range is made with a range of yoghurts or milks, ideal for providing a nutritious breakfast drink whatever time of day!

Juice Drinks

Freshly-squeezed juice drinks are less rich than our juices and wonderfully refreshing. Lemonade, ginger, cranberry, raspberry, a riot of flavours ring the changes throughout the year. Tell us your favourite combination.

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Our other products:

At Orchard House Foods, we source and prepare the best in-season, ethically-grown fresh fruits from around the globe. From which our creative team create a range of delicious fresh fruits prepared for a variety of end uses.

Prepared Fruit

Orchard House Foods has taken its expertise with delicious, freshly-prepared fruit and enhanced it with a simple but beautiful range of fruit desserts. Our iconic strawberry tarts and raspberry jelly have won the hearts of consumers for over 15 years.

Fresh Fruit Desserts

Orchard House Foods is able to supply a range of delicious fruit-based ingredients to help you produce outstanding products. We are the UK's leading fresh fruit and fresh juice producer, supplying the UK's leading retailers and manufacturers with the finest fruit all year round.

Manufacturing Ingredients