Prepared Fruit

Prepared Fruit

At Orchard House Foods, we source and prepare the best in-season, ethically-grown fresh fruits from around the globe. You can be sure that all of our fruit suppliers attain the rigorous standards of the leading UK retailers, food on the go outlets and food service providers. We have a global network of supply partners and a team of technical advisors & auditors to ensure our fruit is produced safely, ethically and to the highest possible quality.

Our creative team work year round to create a range of delicious fresh fruits and tasty vegetables, prepared to a range of cuts for a variety of end uses. To be at its best, all fresh produce has a short shelf life and we work with our customers to ensure every product is in the peak of condition to delight our consumers each and every day. An array of packaging options provide perfect consumer convenience for snacking on the go or grazing from the fridge.

Our team use a wealth of experience and expertise, working tirelessly to overcome the challenges involved in bringing together the best fruits in the world on a daily basis. Whilst addressing day-to-day challenges of weather and logistics, we also focus on longer term improvements. This includes a comprehensive programme of varietal development, environmental and ethical initiatives designed to make a positive impact in communities around the world.

Everyone needs fruit and vegetables for a healthy diet. Our conveniently prepared products allow this to be a treat not a bore for over 2 million shoppers a week.

Orchard House Foods –  the delicious way to a healthy day.

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Our other products:

Orchard House Foods has taken its expertise with delicious, freshly-prepared fruit and enhanced it with a simple but beautiful range of fruit desserts. Our iconic strawberry tarts and raspberry jelly have won the hearts of consumers for over 15 years.

Fresh Fruit Desserts

Orchard House Foods is famous for its freshly-squeezed orange juice. For over 30 years we have been perfecting the art of sourcing, squeezing and blending oranges to guarantee the freshest, tastiest juices each day.

Freshly-Squeezed Drinks and Smoothies

Orchard House Foods is able to supply a range of delicious fruit-based ingredients to help you produce outstanding products. We are the UK's leading fresh fruit and fresh juice producer, supplying the UK's leading retailers and manufacturers with the finest fruit all year round.

Manufacturing Ingredients